Stanford Men's Golf Team 2007 NCAA National Champions
History of Stanford Golf
Stanford's remarkable history has left its mark on the golf world.
Stanford Greats
The names are legendary: Little, Seaver, Rosburg, Watson & Woods and others.
Numerous All-Americans played at Stanford over the years.
National Champions
8 national championships have been won, including in 2007.
2007 1994 1953 1946 1942 1941 1939 1938

1946 National Champion Team

Articles on National Championship
1944-46 Team archive in Stanford Yearbook
Past teams and players (1932-present)
Team and Individual Records


Frank (Jack) McCann's daughter Marilynn (McCann Darling) shares that Frank as he was called throughout his life "left for the championship the day after I was born in Stanford Hospital on June 16, 1946. I have heard the story all my life and have many clippings about how the team had to pay their own way to Princeton." We invite past players and families to email your stories and experiences about team members to Bob Stevens at